Brent Jones Art Responsive Website

This is my personal website for my studio and is my best example of my UX/UI Design skills. It is currently my only long-term project and I continue to update an improve features to make using my site to see my portfolios or purchase original art, order photography prints or buy merchandise as easy as possible. Please browse my entire website to see how I have set up the information architecture to easily narrow searches and explore original art.

Roles & Responsibilities

UX/UI Designer, User Research, Testing, Prototypes


Design and build a responsive website for Brent Jones Art, my personal website showcasing my creative portfolios and a shop for artwork and photography.

Problem Statement

Create a responsive website to incorporate a shop to purchase original artwork and links to an existing print ordering platform.

Scope and Constraints

February 2018

Create a website and brand guidelines for a professional artist.


Target users are young professionals, art collectors and recruiters.


Competitive Audit

I looked at 6 portfolios and artist websites to see the key features and designs used to present work. I found very few offered the ability to purchase prints or art directly on the site. Most required contacting the artist for information. I wanted to make sure my site was as user-friendly as possible by allowing users to purchase directly on the site and order photo prints from a third party supplier.

Brainstorming / Wireframes

Accessibility Considerations

To ensure our app is accessible, I included users of assistive technologies such as screen readers and members of minority groups in all the stages of the design cycle. I took their needs and feedback into consideration to provide an inclusive experience.


Desktop Website