Brent Jones Art Case Study

Roles & Responsibilities

UX/UI Designer, User Research, Testing, Prototypes


Design and build a responsive website for Brent Jones Art, my personal website showcasing my creative portfolios and a shop for artwork and photography.

Problem Statement

Create a responsive website to incorporate a shop to purchase original artwork and links to an existing print ordering platform.

Scope and Constraints

February 2018

Create a website and brand guidelines for a professional artist.


Target users are young professionals, art collectors and recruiters.


Competitive Audit

I looked at 6 portfolios and artist websites to see the key features and designs used to present work. I found very few offered the ability to purchase prints or art directly on the site. Most required contacting the artist for information. I wanted to make sure my site was as user-friendly as possible by allowing users to purchase directly on the site and order photo prints from a third party supplier.

Brainstorming / Wireframes

Accessibility Considerations

To ensure our app is accessible, I included users of assistive technologies such as screen readers and members of minority groups in all the stages of the design cycle. I took their needs and feedback into consideration to provide an inclusive experience.


Desktop Website