UX Design

Hi! I’m Brent

I am a UX Designer and experienced artist with more than 21 years of experience in visual art and design. I believe in an innovative, equitable and unorthodox approach to design solutions. I currently work as the UX/UI designer for Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions in the US. I have a diverse background in visual art, marketing, layout and design and have worked with a variety of clients including the Denver Broncos, Mellow Mushroom Restaurants, The Downtown Denver Partnership, Westward Fence, The Oxford Hotel, Optique of Denver and many others. Please take a look at some of my projects below and view more of my artistic projects and photography on my main website at www.brentjonesart.com which is also the best example of my UX and UI Design skills in action.

Brent Jones Art

Responsive website for my own art studio and freelance design portfolio. (It’s the beautiful design you are using right now.)